Ms. Fluffy Catacomb
Super Founding Partner
Mr. Doggy McStyle, Esq.
Galactic Founding Partner
Arthur Dogday Disposable Associate

Anything Goes Wrong He Goes to the "Farm".  Dogday does all our actual legal work.
"We Forever Honor our Dead Partners -
Everything we Have we Took from Them
Click:  Founding Partner Tortuga Slideshow
Click:  Founding Partner Rodenti Slideshow
In expensive offices everywhere there are Employer Legal Firms.  Unlike the employee, you have choices when it comes to Legal Representation.   Our Promise to You:   We Get Tough.  With
7 billion humans, an employee is less valuable than a Chicken.
Got a Problem Human Worker?  In each city, we have connections with
Animal Control.  We viciously use the normal illegal, degrading practices as our "competition".   Our difference?  Call from McStyle to Animal Control, your problem is gone.  No dogtag no record.
Quoting Ms. Catacomb: I used a legal strategy we call the Jeffrey Epstein  Miles High Child Honeypot . Kim screwed me and my Staff  for days on our Gulfstream G650.  Then we forced him to sign bogus contracts and give us his Nukes or else we release videos of him screwing kittens and cats of both gender on the corporate jet.
Ms. Catacomb's Personal Legal Assistant #1. She is late to the office if she shows up at all.  She licks fur and sleeps.

Ms. Catacomb's Personal Legal Assistant #2. He is a "hit cat" for cases where your opponents  have evidence against your corporation.
Ms. Lively Leah
Legal AIDS from
Cal Poly Brothel  Law School.
Ms. Leah was previously a "comfort animal" at Ogretree
Deakins Employment Law.
She was fired for mental illness and various social diseases. Galactic Founding Partner McStyle has a soft spot for the Bitch, especially when she is in heat so he paid $7 to the Veterinarian  hired by Court to put her down. Vet kept the disposal fees.  We got it on film so for $7 we own a Legal AIDS dog to frustrate Arthur Dogday.  Far better ... we totally own the Vet now.
Wells Fargo Retaliation
Victim via Ogletree
Deakins Employment
...Same lawfirm got
Sheriff Joe in trouble but
Pres. Trump pardoned him.
Meet our Team.  Share our Vision
Only We Can Purchase the Justice you Require
Bitches Smile When You
Ogletree Deakins Employment "Law" Screwed Beyond Comprehension
NEW! Wells Fargo Labor Racketeering Site:
Meet our Dead Partners and Legal Support Staff
Mr. Andy Clark
Token Human
Faux Partner
We turned in Ogletree Deakins Employment Law to  FBI, DOL (Labor Racketeering Office)
Sheriff Joe's Attorney in 2011
Press Release: Clark, Tortuga, Rodenti,  Catacomb & McStyle Acquire Kim Jong Un and
Nuclear Bombs.
Real Police AudioCops in my home
Cops on street then hq (shocking)
Semi-Honest Relief:
911 Dispatch  Day Before Arrest
Wells Fargo Retaliation
Via Rectal Exam, Lane County Oregon JAIL
Billed To...
Real.  City of Eugene Oregon Police Car Vid.
I am handcuffed after evening SWAT 'arrest'
called in by Wells Fargo/Ogletree Deakins
Retain Doggy McStyle
Diary of Dodd-Frank - The Story of a Young Law
2:00 Watch Dept. Labor Hilda Solis Have Sox with Faux Partner Clark
Wells Fargo Employee Retaliation Using False Arrest and Jail
Wells Fargo: Our New Client
Evidence Site